Growing towards resilience

Edible Futures is a Bristol based growing project that is working to create a resilient food system. With community groups and local residents we are planting edible public gardens that will provide food for Bristol communities.

The way we work is simple. We have a plant nursery on a small holding in Brislington. At this nursery we are growing a wide selection of edible plants; fruit and nut trees and perennial vegetables. These plants we use to make community gardens which transform marginal land into productive space. We also sell plants to other projects and gardeners, thus making Edible Futures a financially sustainable operation. We hope soon to also grow organic vegetables and salads for sale to Bristol residents.

Edible Futures also has an educational objective. At our nursery site we are soon to begin running a course of workshops in plant propagation. These workshops will provide the skills so that other growers can propagate their own plant stock and therefore increase the self sufficiency of their gardens.

Edible Futures is part of a diverse global movement to secure food justice.


Edible Futures benefits from the help of a team of dedicated volunteers. Volunteers provide much of the skills, vision and hard work that make our dream a reality. If you would like to develop skills in edible gardening and be involved in this new and exciting urban sustainability initiative please be in touch using the details below. Your help would be gratefully received and you’d be a valued member of the Edible Futures team.


Humphrey Lloyd 07702810555

Oliver Craigan 07878382357